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Delete NOW TIME TO BE A CHIP LEVEL LAPTOP ENGINEER. The laptop revolution is here to stay. And it is time for even an average hardware engineer to update himself with laptop chip level service knowledge. LAPTOP CHIP LEVEL TRAINING FULL DAY BATCH :- DETAIL LAPTOP MOTHERBOARD CHIP LEVEL REPAIRING WITH LIVE IC REBOLLING PRACTIS 10DAYS 1ST DAY:- Basic Electronics Analog Digital A.C CURRENT,D.C CURRENT,TYPES OF CIRCUIT,DIFFERENT COMPONENT PARTS, SMD Technology, The Resistor, The Capacitor, The Diode, The Transistor, MOSFET, Logic gate symbols WORKING DETAILS WITH CHECKING FIND SMD Component (RESISTOR CAPACITOR, TRANSISTOR, DIOD, FUSE, COIL, ETC) TESTING AND USING OF DIFFERENT COMPONENTS.