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Dear Sir, are key features. 1. Tar road, water and light a We have Open Bunglow plots near wagholi, kesnand, Wadebolai, Ashtapur phata, and Rahu Road. all plots are well developed. following The Rate is 2 lakh25,000 Thousand.per 1000 sqft. Our Facilities In Ploting our 1 st site is in Near by Wagholi, from Wagholi site is at 3 km. Rate is 9 lakh per 1000sqft . Our 2 nd site is in kesnand from 2 nd site 7 km Rate is 6lakh 50 thousand per sqft. Our 3rd site is in Kalakwadi form 3 rd site 14 km.Rate is 5,lakh per 1000 sqft our 4 th site is in Ashtapur Fata from 4 th site 16 km long.Rate is 4.lakh50 thousand per 1000sqft. Our 5 th site is in pilanwadi at rahu road .From Wagholi site ia at 28 Km . The Rate is 2.5 Lakh per 1000sqft. Our Last site is in Ranjangao Near by Mahaganpati Temple . The site from Wagholi is 30 km . vailability Rate – 2 lack to 3 lack 2. society compound and demarkation polls for each plot.