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Guntur: LP no 13/2015/GMC Spot registration . Loan facility available X press highway 6 lines ki 2 km only. Gnt to Bapatla 4 lines sanctioned 1.5 km only. Budampadu cheruvu paryataka prantham sanctioned 0.5 km only. (Parks, walking tracks, pedal boats etc) Guntur bus stand 5 km only. Near by GVR&S Egg College, NSL Textiles Ltd., St.Marry's Womens eng college. Sq yard 9,000=00 Sq yard 4,500=00 loan facility available Total Sq Yards=250sq yards Price : Rs.22,50,000/- BEST PRICE AND BEST OFFER CONTACT US: +919346203647, +919296456789 OR EMAIL US: VISIT US: