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engine carbon cleaning machine manufacturing &services

State: Kerala     City:alampuzha     District:Alappuzha      Location:alampuzha      Post Date:09-12-2020      Cost: 50000    


Engine carbon cleaning for two wheeler & four wheeler Computerized car engine (carbon) cleaning system (HHO) German based technology MACHINE FOR SALE About product: Carbon cleaner (HHO) consumes water by electrolysis, into its components pure hydrogen and oxygen gases. This gas mixture is referred as HHO. The combination of hydrogen and oxygen enrichment create condition for carbon to be gently burned off from piston crowns, valves and other components to form carbon dioxide and water vapour. It effectively steam cleans the combustion chamber and associated components from the inside without any dismantling. The carbon deposits are progressively removed and pass out through the exhaust pipe. This process completed within 30 minutes. Benefits: • Restore power and performance • reduce engine vibration and noise • lower emission • revitalize fuel efficiency • prolong engine life span • smoother driving experience Contact No: 9843199123 Website:

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